Deliver Patient Care More Efficiently

Deliver Patient Care More Efficiently
Deliver Patient Care More Efficiently
May 24, 2023

Efficient dental care means caring optimally for as many patients as possible

Our CEO Cory Pinegar was on Nexhealth's podcast recently speaking on the topic of efficiency in patient care.

The conversation was phenomenal overall, but we wanted to pull out some key takeaways that every practice can learn from.

Your dental practice is set up to handle the inverse of patient demand on the phones

What does it mean that your practice is set up to handle the inverse of patient demand? 

To answer that question, take a look at the way that your day is structured.

You start your day with a morning huddle (or at least the majority of practices do). This is extremely valuable time that your team spends game planning for a successful day. Unfortunately, that time that you want everyone keying in on how to make the day more productive is also one of the times of the day with the highest call volumes. This is where Reach helps by allowing your entire staff to be present during the morning huddle without missing a high volume of phone calls.

You go throughout your morning getting to all of the patients and then you take lunch. Most offices have reduced staff on the time clock during lunch which makes sense, because everyone needs to eat. There is another group of people who are taking a break during the same time, and that is your patient base who are working professionals taking their lunch. This is another period of high call volume in many practices where we have reduced staff to answer the phones.

You finish your day and wrap up all of the patient care and front office tasks and you finally get out the door. This is yet another time when call volume is high. Many of your patients and potential patients are also finishing work around this time and are ready to schedule their dental appointment.

Make sure that your phones are attended to without over-extending your staff. Reach helps solve this problem.

The patient experience is optimized when you can focus on the patient

This one is obvious, but patients have a better experience when you can focus on your interaction with them. The constant stream of tasks required to be done by your front desk makes this very difficult.

You have a patient in your waiting room that someone at the front would like to have a conversation with to make them feel important. In many instances, the choice that the front desk person is making is, "do I answer the phone/verify the insurance/call to collect/confirm hygiene appointments and break off the conversation, or do I stay in the moment with this patient to make them feel special?".

Reach allows focus to be in the moment knowing that other tasks are being taken care of as needed.

Run your practice as efficiently as possible

This is another obvious one. Now, more than maybe anytime in recent history, you need to be focusing on efficiencies.

Your cost of labor has never been this high in the history of your practice and the cost of debt is rising. You need to look at ways to optimize cash flow.

One of the best times to engage with a service like Reach is when you are fractionally ready for an additional headcount.

Your marketing dollars may be generating calls and you may have patients coming through the door, but you are not quite to that additional headcount level.

Reach works phenomenally as a fractional headcount hire to help you continue growing.

Turning over the wheel to another company to handle patient interaction is scary

The biggest barrier for practices looking for a solution like Reach is that they are scared to turn over patient interaction to a third party. Reach works with thousands of practices all across the country who are achieving phenomenal success by outsourcing services to our call centers.

If you are looking for a solution like this, give us a call today at (801)901-8852