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Dental Virtual Assistants and Dedicated Agents

If you are looking for cost effective ways to scale your dental front office team, Reach can help you find talented individuals and manage all of the payroll and compliance.

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Dedicated team members to fit your office systems

We will help you find the right people to fill your front office roles. We screen for English proficiency and work experience. Once we find the right fit, you can train them on your office procedures.

Agents hired through reach are insured and trained on HIPAA compliance to help protect you and your practice.

If you are trying to add a qualified team member to your front office staff, Reach is a great place to start!

Pay per verification + No contract = Dental insurance verification done right

We only charge you a fee when we successfully verify the insurance of a patient. No questions asked. Unlike other companies, we don't charge for last-minute verifications. Whenever you need insurance verified, you simply reach out to your agent. Best of all, there is no long term contract or monthly minimums. We want you to stay focused on growing your practice, not spending money on services that don't work.

Cost effective and loyal team members

Not only are team members hired through Reach cost effective, we also have extremely high retention, so that you don't have to worry about training and retraining.

Our dedicated agents are hard working, loyal and grateful. The perfect combination for a great front office employee.

See how Reach's services can help your practice save time

Can be trained on any practice management software

Unlike many outsourced services (including a few of ours), a dedicated agent can be trained to work in any practice management software.

This provides practices the benefit of outsourced services that might not be available with their practice management software, with the skillset of someone trained to fit your exact system and work with your practice management software.

Insurance verification specialists who understand the dental industry

It is important for insurance verification services, that the person doing the verifying understands dentistry in order to ensure accuracy. Our dental insurance verification specialists have the experience and training necessary from working with thousands of practices across the united states.

Insurance verification, phone answering, live chat, billing and recall

The most common positions we see dental practices filling with our virtual team members include: insurance verification, phone answering, live chat, billing and recall.

These are areas where most practices can use a little bit of extra help, and with the right training, our dedicated agents can plug right in and get you to ideal capacity in your front office.

Some of our best team members

"Our virtual team members from South America and Jamaica are some of our most productive team members. They work hard, learn fast, and take ownership in what they do. They are truly part of what makes our team amazing."

-Adam Smith, Dental Intelligence


Don’t Take Our Word for It

“Just wanted to say Reach is awesome! They have worked my recall list better than anyone I've ever hired. Quick and easy to work with and keeps my schedule full! Just wanted to help out a business who has been awesome to me!!”

Practice Owner
Merrillville, IN
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