Who is Answering your phone, when you are not?

Who is Answering your phone, when you are not?
Who is Answering your phone, when you are not?
July 13, 2022
Phone Answering

Dental practice team members often juggle many hats within the practice, and let’s be real, there are times when we just can’t do it all at once.  Dental offices miss approximately 30% of incoming calls due to the fact they are caring for other patients' needs.  When calls go unanswered it leads to the assumption that opportunities are also missed.

Benefits of using a Call Service

It is impossible to predict when calls will come in, after hours and weekends included.  Utilizing a phone answering service, such as Reach, can help ease the tension on your team to answer each and every incoming call.  Your dental team members can remain focused on the patient at hand rather than trying to focus on answering another call. 

Can You Be the New Dental Home?

When potential patients are seeking a new dental home, they call to discuss the practice or to schedule. If a phone call goes unanswered they move down to the next dental practice on the list. Very few leave a message or delay calling back, resulting in missed opportunities for practice growth. The average dental office experiences approximately 17% patient attrition rate annually, according to many sources.  It is necessary to acquire new patients to account for the ones who leave the practice.  A full-service answering service that can address the need to capture calls and schedule according to your specifications may be the catapult to keeping the practice busy.

Helping not Replacing

An answering system does not replace your office staff, instead the service compliments your existing team to ease the burden of unanswered calls.  Reach can schedule patients directly in your schedule, filling times designed to the practice preferences.  By answering calls the patient feels taken care of, their questions are answered, appointments scheduled and their needs are met.  In the instance a member of your team needs to address an issue it will be identified and communicated to your team accordingly.  Utilizing and answering service will allow patients to reach a representative 7 days a week and alert the provider in case an emergency arises. 

Answering services allows dental practices more freedom from the phone by providing a safety net to ensure your team members can focus on the patient or project at hand.  Patient calls are captured and addressed in a timely manner making the patient feel taken care of, in turn making your dental practice stand out with great customer service.