Why does your dental practice need a recall scheduling service?

Why does your dental practice need a recall scheduling service?
Why does your dental practice need a recall scheduling service?
July 13, 2022
Recall Service

You know your dental practice better than anyone does. You know how you like to schedule appointments. You want a solid friendship with your patients. Why would you pass up the chance to connect with your patients that you haven’t seen in a while? Why would you pay someone to talk to them for you, when you just know that they won’t do the same job as you? Why would you hire someone when every time you call someone for a recall appointment, your call goes to voicemail?

We hear these questions on a daily basis. We don’t blame anyone for thinking this way. It is hard to give up something as intimate as patient communication. Here are 3 reasons why hiring a dental recall service can double your practice’s productivity.

Optimize your calling times

It’s been shown in multiple studies that people are most likely to answer their phones between 5:30-7:30 PM. You’re over twice as likely of connecting with them during these optimal hours than you are during the day. The end of your work days are often the busiest hours. Between taking last minute calls, trying to verify insurance before the end of the day and entering the days billing information you have so much on your plate that adding recall phone calls is impossible.

You’re not a salesperson

Trust us, we know that office managers can do anything, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. By hiring a quality recall scheduling team, you’re hiring qualified dental sales team. At CallForce, we don’t just train our recall specialists in dental, we train them in the best ways to sell your services.

Optimize your front office experience

Your front office is the first impression new patients have of how your practice is run. If you are too busy juggling the massive list of tasks that your front office staff has to finish every day, there are bound to be times when the front office falls short of a client’s expectations. That isn’t to fault you, but instead to highlight how overworked many front office staff can be.

Look into a dental recall system and improve the quality of your practice by focusing on creating quality of your patient communication.