How Properly Verified Insurance Can Save Your Dental Practice Time and Money

How Properly Verified Insurance Can Save Your Dental Practice Time and Money
How Properly Verified Insurance Can Save Your Dental Practice Time and Money
July 12, 2022
Insurance Verification

Streamline scheduling and insurance verification for your dental practice with our Treatment Coordinators at Reach. Verifying your patients' dental insurance policies involves several steps. Our experienced, specialized staff will free up your employees’ time by handling the repetitive processes associated with the verification of dental insurance.

Discover how to reduce the workload at your front desk or back office by engaging our team at Reach. Call us at 801-901-8852 today.

What Is Dental Insurance Verification?

Maintaining a consistent flow of revenue for your dental practice requires verifying every patient's insurance eligibility. You need to verify your patients' insurance coverage before providing any service to avoid claim rejections or other delays. Part of the insurance verification process involves submitting daily claims to receive reimbursement.

How Does Dental Insurance Verification Work?

In any dental practice, a successful billing process depends on verifying the insurance information of all patients. On your behalf, our experts at Reach will verify each patient's eligibility, active benefits, and coverage with the insurance companies. To avoid denied claims, we verify insurance coverage before your dental practice provides any services.

How Does Verified Insurance Save Time?

Our team at Reach ascertains all the insurance information of your patients, allowing you to access them at a moment’s notice. The process of gathering and verifying claims consumes a lot of valuable time. Discover how our Reach agents can save you that time by handling your verification processes.

Send and Receive Insurance Claims With Ease

Your dental practice can process claims in a more timely and efficient manner by engaging a third-party dental insurance verification company. Our professionals at Reach verify the dental insurance information of your patients well in advance, so you can submit your dental claims with confidence and receive prompt payment.

Save Time on Disputed Insurance Claims

Dental practices often encounter problems involving claim resubmissions. Our verification specialists at Reach will assist you in settling claims with insurance companies without any annoying complications. Our experienced data handlers will collect all necessary insurance documents from patients to prevent payment delays.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Dental Practice

At Reach, we follow all insurance verification best practices so you can focus on providing better patient care. By establishing a rapid authorization process that reduces your billing responsibilities, your staff can save valuable time and effort. Allow our experts at CallForce to start analyzing your patients' insurance policies and benefits today.

How Does Verified Insurance Save Money?

At Reach, our team will gather and verify the insurance information before your patient's appointment. In addition to providing a seamless patient registration experience, dental practices can minimize claim denials and boost revenue by implementing efficient, third-party eligibility verification processes.

Check out some of the ways our verification team can help you save money.

1.    We Can Generate More Income

Utilize our billing and administrative support services to make your dental practice more profitable. At Reach, our experts reduce all your dental insurance verification duties, so you can focus on treating more patients and earning extra fees. Also, the lighter administrative workload will increase your staff's productivity.

2.    We Can Eliminate Guesswork

Proper eligibility verification helps dental practices submit flawless claims, avoid re-submissions, increase upfront collections, and improve patient satisfaction. At Reach, our professional verification team reaches out to each patient to gather the most up-to-date insurance information.

3.    You Will Have Fewer Denied Claims

Verifying insurance eligibility eliminates billing errors that lead to claim denials and prevents delayed payments. It also enables dental practices to inform patients of plan limitations before providing dental services.

Other Benefits of Proper Insurance Verification

Conduct your dentistry practice with peace of mind by managing your dental insurance verification procedures the right way. Verifying dental eligibility ahead of time can ensure a swift scheduling process for patients. Let’s explore some of the advantages of verifying dental insurance through our seasoned insurance coordinators at Reach.

1.    Improve Client Relationships

We make sure your patients know what they will owe before their treatment begins. You can inform your patients of any potential costs by verifying their insurance. Then, they can make an informed decision on how to proceed. If your patient’s insurance plan does not cover a procedure, you can discuss other payment options with them in advance.

2.    Maintain a Zero-Balance System

Because our team correctly verifies your patients’ insurance policies and calculates their out-of-pocket costs, you can maintain a zero-balance payments system. At Reach, we verify your patients’ insurance policies and enter their information directly into your practice management software so you will not need to chase them down later.

3.    Avoid Payment Problems for Clients

After our team enters all patient information into your dental billing software and verifies benefit coverage, you should not experience a problem sending an accurate claim that gets paid on time. Also, providing patients with a swift payment experience makes them more likely to pay their bills in full, preventing write-offs and penalties.

Reach: Your Professional Insurance Verifiers

Inaccurate verification can affect the quality of services you provide your patients. We understand that insurance-related tasks can take up your time and energy. Thankfully, our Treatment Coordinators at Reach can handle your dental insurance verification processes so you can spend more time focusing on dentistry.

Outsource your dental insurance verification process to us at Reach today and grow your dental practice. Chat with one of our friendly representatives at Reach by calling 801-901-8852 or email us at for more information about our services.